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Pelham Street

Pelham Street Coaching provides powerful leadership and executive coaching designed against specific developmental criteria and organisational requirements. Coaching assignments are often built to respond to key inflection points for senior executives.

  • On-boarding Coaching

    External senior partner hire into Professional Services Firm (B4) – developing organisational awareness, identification and delivery of success criteria, stakeholder mapping, team development and alignment.

  • Succession Coaching

    Assessment and diagnostic analysis of senior executive in Investment firm as they prepare for CEO succession, coaching against specific developmental and behavioural gaps, identifying and defining success factors.

  • Leading Your Peers

    Support new CEO in large Insurance Broker as they take a leadership role amongst peers, affirming their value and refining style and behaviour.

  • Impact and Communication Coaching

    Supporting senior executives around self-awareness, impact, communications style, narrative, gravitas and developing senior energy. New CEO of Financial Services firm aimed at developing internal and external leadership message and engagement.

  • Promotional Coaching

    Promotion from Regional to Global Head within a large Commercial Bank, spike in complexity across matrix structure, developing social capital, influencing skills, stepping up and out.

  • Team Development

    Supporting Functional head (Global HRD) Restaurant sector, as they develop an effective leadership team across a global functional model in a domestic market, focussed on team dynamics and team mechanics.

  • Transformation Coaching

    Supporting Executives through Corporate activity, change programmes, restructuring – Supported executive team of large Insurance Company through complex acquisition.

  • Assessment and Post-Assessment Coaching

    Providing deep diagnostics, assessment and analysis, creation of specific developmental plans and gap analysis, providing post assessment coaching for executives, as part of due diligence, succession planning or nomination processes – assessed and coached entire leadership team prior to IPO of Digital Media Company.

Pelham Street

Pelham Street Talent focuses on partnering with internal talent professionals by supporting organisational initiatives in the design and implementation of both individual and collective developmental interventions.

  • Systemic Developmental Coaching

    Emphasis on coaching against organisational imperatives and developmental criteria – coaching talent pool against organisational competencies and preparing them for wider leadership roles – coached potential leaders in Global FMCG against strong leadership doctrine and culture.

  • Potential Leaders Coaching

    Emphasis on developing from a managerial style to a leadership style, preparing individual for team leadership roles – Investment analyst taking over a desk in a large Capital Markets business.

  • Team Development

    Focussed on developing high performance teams through developing effective ways of working, building trust, optimising team processes and protocols - team intervention with Private Equity leadership team reducing silos and creating alignment and shared vision.

  • Personal Developmental Coaching

    Emphasis on individual development issues such as confidence, resilience, presence, style, behaviour, self-awareness, stakeholder mapping and management, building alliances, prioritisation, collaborative working – coached on an internal programme for the future leaders of a large US Investment Bank.

  • Resilience Coaching

    Assessment and audit of resilience and wellbeing for individuals and teams. Supporting and developing resilience through specific coaching interventions.

Pelham Street

Pelham Street Communication develops leaders and leadership teams to be effective, powerful and engaging communicators. Successful individuals and organisations often attribute their success to an ability to provide clarity, convey content through a compelling style and engage their stakeholders with conviction and impact.

  • Gravitas, Impact, Presence Coaching

    Supporting individuals in building gravitas & impact in how they communicate authentically - formally and informally to all audiences.

  • Leadership Communication Coaching

    Working with leaders to formulate their personal authentic ‘leadership’ narrative to ensure it is inspiring, engaging and aligned with the corporate strategy.

  • Engagement & impact Coaching

    Supporting Chief Executives and senior leaders in how they engage and inspire internal and external audiences through their words and delivery.

  • Set-piece Communication Coaching

    Working with individuals to support them in preparing content and rehearsing delivery for set piece communication such as Town Halls, AGMs, Investor Relation Roadshows, Sales Pitches, Conferences, Research pitches and interviews.

  • CFO & IR Coaching

    Building awareness with CFOs & Investor Relations professionals about how to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and compelling communication to engage and connect with audiences to flex the strategic and business partnering mindset.

  • Corporate Activity Narrative

    Working with teams pre and post corporate activity to ensure alignment of narrative and messaging.

  • Communication Masterclasses & Workshops

    Working with teams or groups (eg business school courses) to build self awareness of style & impact and understanding the components of compelling and engaging content.

  • Presentation Coaching

    Supporting Business Development and Sales teams in formulating a compelling pitch and understanding how to best articulate and deliver it - collectively and individually - formally and informally.

Pelham Street

Pelham Street Advisory develops trusted relationships with senior leaders providing objective independent advice and counsel, designed to support Leaders through complexity and enhance both personal and organisational performance. Clients typically occupy executive board level positions.

Our Team

Our team is drawn from a variety of fields, including finance, management consultancy, private equity, broadcasting, communications, recruitment and the military. We combine considerable commercial experience and coaching expertise to deliver relevant process and content to our engagements. Our techniques are grounded in the science of human performance and draw on psychology, neuro-science, business management and leadership doctrine.


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